About the Partners

The International Cancer Research Partnership (ICRP) is a unique alliance of cancer research organizations from Australia, Canada, France, Japan, the Netherlands, United Kingdom, and the United States.  The Partners share funding information to enhance global collaboration and strategic coordination of research between individual  researchers and organizations.

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ICRP partners represent a wide range of governmental, public and non-profit cancer research funding organizations from across the world.

Katherine McKenzie, PhD (California Breast Cancer Research Program, US)
Naba Bora, PhD (Congressionally Directed Medical Research Programs (CDMRP), U.S. Dept. of Defense)
Website & Database Committee
Chair: Michelle Bennett, PhD (NCI Center for Research Strategy, USA)
Finance Committee
Chair: Kimberly Badovinac, MA, MBA (Canadian Cancer Research Alliance)
Annual Meeting 2017 Committee
Chair: Stuart Griffiths, PhD (National Cancer Research Institute, UK)
Operations Committee
Co-Chair: Marion Kavanaugh-Lynch, PhD (California Breast Cancer Research Program, USA)
Communications and Membership Committee
Chair: Lisa Stevens, PhD (NCI Center for Global Health, USA)
Vice-Chair: Paul Jackson, PhD (Cancer Australia)
Data Quality and Analysis Committee
Chair: Kimberly Badovinac, MA, MBA (Canadian Cancer Research Alliance)
Vice-Chair: Karima Bourougaa, PhD (Institut National du Cancer, France)
Evaluations Committee
Chair: Kari Wojtanik, PhD (Susan G. Komen for the Cure)
Operations Manager
Lynne Davies, PhD