ICRP publishes periodic reports, which can be freely downloaded from this page. For further information on any of these publications, please contact
Download publication titled ICRP Translational Research Methodology (2015)
This report details a robust and easy way to identify translational research awards and monitor trends in this area, using the ICRP’s Common Scientific Outline (CSO).
Download publication titled ICRP Newsletter, February 2015
Includes evaluation highlights presented at the San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium, news about ICRP landscape reports and information about the ICRP annual meeting
Download publication titled ICRP report into obesity and cancer research (2014)
This report examines trends in investment and publication outputs for research on the role of obesity in cancer.
Download publication titled ICRP report on environmental influences in breast cancer (2014)
An analysis of the research landscape in this area, examining trends in investment, research activity and gaps across a range of environmental carcinogens and lifestyle factors.
Download publication titled ICRP Data Report 2005-2008
This is the first, co-operative international analysis of the cancer research landscape, based on data from over 50 current member organizations about their individual projects and programs, each classified by type of cancer and type of research.
Download publication titled Gynecologic Cancers Portfolio Analysis
Summary of the burden of gynecologic cancers in the United States and investments in research by the National Cancer Institute and members of the International Cancer Research Partnership.
Download publication titled Children's Cancer Research
A report on international research investment in childhood cancer in 2008, by the UK National Cancer Research Institute and members of the International Cancer Research Partnership.

Other reports using ICRP data

Download publication titled Metastatic Breast Cancer Alliance Report 2014
An analysis of MBC clinical trials and grant funding from the ICRP and related databases from 2000 through 2013.